Anxiety Counselling

Innovation In Online Counselling

Innovation is such a buzz word and it’s often thrown out there without a lot of meaning.  Being innovative for the sake of innovation is like running in circles.  It looks like a lot of effort but it doesn’t really get you anywhere. Let’s talk about innovation the field of mental health.  Mental health is

Social Anxiety

Do I Have Social Anxiety?

It is important to know about the term social anxiety cure before making any further discussions about the topic. By social anxiety we mean the time when an individual gets too much concerned about the reactions from the people of the society. In this kind of anxiety the first and foremost things which happens to

Separation Anxiety in Children

Do Children Get Separation Anxiety?

Children tend to bond with the primary caregivers in their lives. It is because of this bond that separation anxiety in children becomes part of their normal development stage as early as 8 months through about 2 years of age. Unsettling as it can be for the parent(s), separation anxiety in children is normal and

OCD & Anxiety

What About OCD & Anxiety?

The first and foremost question which may come to your mind is what is OCD and anxiety? The full of the term OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is a disorder which is caused by impulsions due to some of the characteristics which may seem very stupid to a normal person with a sound mind.

Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management – What Are The Most Effective Solutions

Effective consciousness and Anxiety Management  when using the right solutions can be more effective and successful.  Discovering the right solutions are easiest at what time, you have resources. Some of the best places to look is online, or at your local library. The term Consciousness characterizes our reality also existence. Scientists are still trying to

Anxiety & Meditation

Anxiety & Self Awareness – A Recipe For Improvement

Do you consider yourself a self-aware person?  Do you know who you really are? Do you like yourself?  Do you know that you are responsible for your own happiness? Before you can make positive changes in your life that will lead to self-awareness, you need to get to know yourself, and become comfortable with your

My Anxiety Experince

My Personal Experience With Anxiety

There are many symptoms of anxiety and stress you may want help with. What are some examples? Worrying, obsessing, or over analyzing. Dreading embarrassment, humiliation, criticism, worrying about what others think. Having difficulty accepting one’s life and wanting something else. Physical symptoms such as chronic muscle tightness, sweating, blushing, stomach upset, tightness in your throat,

Introduction to Anxiety

Let Me Introduce You To Anxiety

One of the most talked about problems in the world of psychology which is affecting men, women and even children is anxiety and panic attacks. In this fast moving world where multi-tasking has become very essential, most of the people are getting affected by these panic attacks. There are lot of reasons and symptoms which