Depression & Emotional Competence

Depression & Emotional Competence are Tightly Linked

When you are on the hunt for development of emotional competence tools one must look for things that will guide them to success. Emotional competence is important in order to accomplish where we want to go and how we feel about ourselves and performance.

If our emotional competence is below expectations, we begin to feel like a failure and rarely try to find our way out of chaos. Stress is the most common cause for us to lose competence with making bad decisions, lost of energy and depressed.

Losing energy is not good for anyone.  It takes energy to function and stay in control.  Depression will set in and cause us to become a hermit. When depressions takes over and begins to control of the way we live it could be very harmful.

Get on the hunt and develop new guides and strategies to rebuild emotional competence skills. Hunting for new strategies with guides can be anything that will help you regain control to overcome depression.

Start hunting today to find the guides to help put your life back on track by making goals to keep you motivated and excited about life. When you set goals, it gives you ambition, which encourages you to usher forward.

Search your inner emotions to discover why you are not happy.   Use positive self-talk and ask yourself; why are you so down on yourself and how can you make constructive changes for the better?

Is your weight bothering and interfering with your thoughts that make you sad?  What stressors do you think about that you have no control over? Are you having restless nights and cannot sleep to the point you do not want to get out of bed in the morning?  Find and write down all the stressors that are causing you not to focus on daily activities.

Remember there are daily stressors and than you have pop up stressors that jump in whenever they feel like it.  Everyone has daily stressors that we have to learn to control and thrive on.  Some stressors can be eliminated and some we have to live with.

Make your list of stressors and add to each one constructive changes that can either relieve them or guide you to except and on go.  To relieve and thrive on stress we can do many things to guide us for a more restful night of sleep to perform the way we want.

Yoga is a good way to relieve stressors.  This is not an exercise but it will help to relieve and let you make better decisions on how to handle stress.  With Yoga, you will learn to develop a healthy posture, breathe naturally, stand properly, and sleep well. You learn relaxation that is needed to build up energy and emotional competence skills.
Relaxation is important in every ones life, in order to perform with success.  When your body and mind misses relaxation, you cannot think properly to be successful.  Learning the skills of relaxation will get you a long way down that hunt for success in development of emotional competence.

Meditation is a form of relaxation to lead us in the right hunt for development of emotional competence skills.  Learning Yoga will give us knowledge of meditating skills that can be practiced any time day or night.

Meditation can be done at work by learning to focus.  To use the meditation of focusing we have to try to put what stressors is most important at the time and focus on it only.  Try to forget about the stressors you have no control of and focus on the ones you can control.  For instance if your at work leave home stresses at home.  Focus on your career and than take care of the ones at home later.

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