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Innovation In Online Counselling

Innovation is such a buzz word and it’s often thrown out there without a lot of meaning.  Being innovative for the sake of innovation is like running in circles.  It looks like a lot of effort but it doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Let’s talk about innovation the field of mental health.  Mental health is so often overlooked and it’s probably one of the areas that could really use some innovative ideas.  If I was to look at the state of mental health services in Australia there seems to be a lot of choice but not a lot of innovative operators.

Convenient Anxiety Counselling

The idea of being able to get real therapy without having to go to your counsellor of psychologists’ practice is very appealing to me and it’s what I would call innovation in the field of mental health.  If I was a mum, which I’m not, I can imagine that not having to find a baby sitter for a couple of hours whilst I go to my therapist, is something that’d I’d personally find very appealing.

Anxiety Symptoms
How My Mind Feels When The Symptoms of Anxiety Kick In!

If I want to get depression counselling or anxiety counselling then I’d have to find someone to look after my children whilst I went to the counselling session.  This just makes the process of getting mental health support more expensive and ultimately out of reach.  I’ve noticed that there is a new online counselling service that is offering anxiety & depression counselling support online and I have every intention of trying it out.  When I’ve had my 1st counselling session, I’ll write another post about how effective online counselling really is.

There’s a lot of government talk about how to be innovative in government, but to be honest I don’t have a lot of faith that these massive institutions can really change their culture to be innovative.

Self-Treating My Anxiety

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll know that I have some issues with anxiety, but I seem to be slowly getting better with the anxiety treatment that I’ve been basically self treating with.  I recognise now though that in order to get over my anxiety disorder properly I’m goinig to need a professional counsellor or psychologist.

When I notice the signs of anxiety coming on, things like the feeling of panic that comes up deep from within or the fact that I’m getting very little sleep because I’m worrying about something too much, then I take a step back and try to calm myself.  I guess I’m glad that I don’t have social anxiety because I really value my social interactions.

Everywhere I look it seems like they offer they same types of therapy.  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is probably the most widely used form of anxiety counselling that I’ve seen yet, so I guess I’ll do a little more research about CBT as an effective form of anxiety treatment.

Here’s Ted talk on Anxiety that I’ve watched a few times now and to be honest I’ve picked up something about dealing with my anxiety from this video every time I’ve wtached it so I hope you enjoy it too.

Social Needs

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