SEO Sunshine Coast

SEO Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful place to live, it’s got beautiful beaches, a relaxing lifestyle and all of the modern day amenities that you could hope for. If you’ve ever spent any time on the Sunshine Coast you can see why young Internet entrepreneurs are drawn to the region.

We wanted to improve our website search engine visibility and so we contacted SEO Sunshine Coast. The process was fantastic and the recommendation that we received was well earned. After an in-depth website audit, an examination of our social properties and an in-depth back link analysis our SEO Consultant on the Sunshine Coast soon had a definite search engine marketing strategy ready to implement.

SEO Sunshine Coast & Web Design Sunshine Coast
SEO Sunshine Coast & Web Design Sunshine Coast

The first steps in this process were to make sure that our website’s on-site search engine optimisation and web design sunshine coast was correct. We needed to implement structured data and schema objects to make sure that the search engines would recognise exactly what services we were providing. We then began to optimise our site navigation and page URLs.

The process of optimising our page URLs and targeted keywords was also very efficient. By analysing the services that we offer and the amount of search traffic that the keywords related to those services receive, we were able to target keywords that would not only generate traffic, but were also associated with our customers buying intentions.

We then optimised each individual article on the site to make sure that our H1 headers were optimised correctly. We ensured that all of our images were named with relevant keywords and that the ALT attribute was filled out.

From this point onwards it was a matter of making sure that our keyword density was not too high and that our site’s latent semantic indexing was easily understood by the search engines.

Just by improving our website’s on-site SEO we were beginning to see some real improvements in our search engine rankings across many keywords. At this point our Sunshine Coast SEO consultant began building topical the relevant back links from high authority websites to our domain.

It took a week or two for our new leagues to be recognised, but once they were the effect was very noticeable. We broke onto the first page of the search results and we are continually climbing.

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