OCD & Anxiety

What About OCD & Anxiety?

The first and foremost question which may come to your mind is what is OCD and anxiety? The full of the term OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is a disorder which is caused by impulsions due to some of the characteristics which may seem very stupid to a normal person with a sound mind.

According to the experts from all around the world this disorder is caused by recurrent and persistent ideas of thoughts that are intrusive and inappropriate and also causes marked anxiety or distress. By compulsions we mean, repetitive behaviours or mental acts for which the person feels driven and to perform in response to an obsession. It is these compulsions which give rise to anxiety which in term is one of the main reasons for getting affected by OCD.
Now the question that you may ask is about the relation between OCD and anxiety. In simple words these two are interrelated. You can say that anxiety is the main cause for OCD. The treatments that are there in these two cases can be either performed by medicine or through counselling with the patient which is called the ERP treatment.

This ERP or Exposure and Response Prevention have to be done intensively in order to get fruitful results. It is also important that the family members spend more time with the person who is affected in order to get him out from his present mental state. In the end it is important for you to believe that both with counselling OCD and anxiety can be cured completely if you can guide the person in the right direction.

Why Do I have An Anxiety Disorder?

If you have an anxiety disorder, or suspect that you may have one, it is completely natural to ask yourself why?

Did I Bring This On Myself?

Everyone feels anxious in certain life situations. There are always days or occasions that will make us feel out of control, or leave us fearing the possibility of what may happen or what we might do. There are many events and reasons for this anxiety to occur, and in many cases it can spur us onto some positive action and resolution of our anxiety.

However, if you start to feel out of control in an irrational way, or if anxiety seems to be taking over your life, then it may be the case that you have an anxiety disorder. Is this your fault?

Nobody is in control of what they feel anxious about, or if they have an anxiety disorder. You are probably worrying a lot that you may not have done the best for yourself, perhaps you even feel guilty that you worry so much when things could be a lot worse.

However, there is no reason to feel guilty. Nobody wants to have an anxiety disorder, and you should not blame yourself that you do have one. Some people develop an anxiety disorder, and some people don’t. It is a simple, and difficult to understand, fact of life.

Take Control

By reading this blog you are obviously attempting to take control of your anxiety disorder, and that is a great start.

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