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Do I Have Social Anxiety?

It is important to know about the term social anxiety cure before making any further discussions about the topic. By social anxiety we mean the time when an individual gets too much concerned about the reactions from the people of the society. In this kind of anxiety the first and foremost things which happens to a person is, he or she becomes more conscious about the comments that he receives from the people around him.

One of the symptoms of these problems is that the person gets quieter and does not talk to the people around him. He may also face some disorders when it comes to doing the daily things in this life. According to the experts from all around the world, this kind of disorder occurs because of a disturbed childhood or due to negligence from the parents.

The best way to treat this kind of psychological disorder is by giving company to the person who is affected. You should always keep in mind that these are very delicate diseases and you have to be supportive to the person who has got affected by it.

Besides there are lot of books and journals published from all around the world on the topic of social anxiety cure and these can be of great help you. But medicine or therapeutic treatment may not be very useful in these cases as they will make the nerves weaker and as a result the affected person may loose resistance power. So, the only way is to treat the person who is affected with affection and give him lots of attention so that he too feels that someone in this world cares for him.

Is There a Cure for Social Anxiety Blushing in Public?

There are a couple of evolutionary based theories that could explain why our cheeks turn red when we are embarrassed, which we call blushing. There is no disputing the medical facts of what happens when we blush, a sudden flood of adrenaline passes into the system and blood is then rushed to all of a person’s extremities, including the cheeks. That is the simple part. Why, is not so easy.

Nobody quite knows why, but some some people do not blush, no matter how embarrassed they may become, while others seem to blush for no reason, causing the blushing itself to become the source of constant embarrassment.

Sadly enough, instead of seeking medical advice, some feel that their constant blushing is just a particular glitch in their makeup, or simply a symptom of overt shyness. They might immediately seek out a psychological social anxiety cure, thinking that it is a social deficiency in themselves that needs correcting.

Some people might be pleasantly surprised to find that their social anxiety cure lies not in the correcting of social exclusiveness after all, but an allergy, drug reaction, or even a blood circulation issue. There are several creams, pills, tonics, and other treatments that help to alleviate such problems. For more severe medical problems, there are even surgical alternatives.

If your blushing is actually caused by an extremely sensitive phobia of social interaction or other related social anxiety, then traditional counseling or even hypnotherapy might be an avenue to explore.

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